The transformation of Times Square 1995-2015

Up to the late 1940s Times Square was the everyman’s destination for entertainment and culture, a place where people of different races and classes could mingle, a place filled with restaurants, jazz clubs, movie houses, and the majestic Broadway theaters. By the late 60s it had become a seedy destination for those seeking more base forms of entertainment. By the late 80s it was filthy and crime ridden, a place to avoid if one could. With major developers and the State promising financial support, newly elected Mayor Giuliani ran on a campaign to fix the city's crime rate, and set in motion plans to bring Times Square back to its famed glory.

This project focuses on that transformation: the intersection of people and ideas about what a city should be; an exploring of what is and is not public space, who owns it, and how it is used once it is built.